2014 Hueston Woods Winter Wonderland

Southwest Ohio garden clubs who are affiliated with Ohio Association of Garden Clubs (OAGC) joined together to produce the 2nd annual Hueston Woods Winter Wonderland at the Hueston Woods State Park Lodge near Oxford, Ohio. Nearly 70 garden club members and friends from 12 OAGC garden clubs participated this year. They hailed from Butler, Clermont, Darke, Greene, Hamilton, Montgomery and Warren Counties. The display will be up through January 19, 2015.

The invitation is open to other clubs who would like to participate. To get your feet wet for the 2015 set-up, please consider participating in the take-down on January 20, 2015. Contact Vicki Ferguson at vferguson@oagc.org for more information and for details on an overnight lodge discount rate for workers.

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Fa la la la la la la la la

Lobby fireplace

Lobby fireplace

The old traditional New Year’s Eve Welsh carol that gave us the song we know today as “Deck the Halls” has a history that dates back to the 1700s. Last week a new tradition was begun: the decorating of Hueston Woods State Park (OH) Lodge near Oxford, Ohio. Though not a song, a solid work crew of 19 ladies from seven garden clubs affiliated with The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs recently decked the halls of the Lodge in holiday finest at this inaugural holiday beautification project. Clubs participating were from Region 3 (College Hill GC, Here and There GC, New Neighbors GC and Our Homes GC) and from Region 4 (Des Fleurs GC, Liberty GC and Monroe GC.) Sponsored by the Hueston Woods Region Visitors Bureau, the clubs managed to decorate around 16 trees (two of them 12 feet tall) and hang yards and yards of artificial pine garland with lights and ribbon.


If you haven’t visited the Lodge recently, you might want to take a trip with your family. The guest rooms have been renovated and are quite comfortable. Don’t want to do an overnight? Just go for a day trip and have a meal in the Trailblazer Dining Room. The Dining Room hours and menus can be viewed HERE. The food is wonderful! The Lodge Dining Room continues to be a destination for many — over 1100 meals were served on Thanksgiving Day alone! To see more photos of the Hueston Woods Winter Wonderland, click HERE.

Clubs interested in participating next year should contact me. Many hands are needed and no experience is necessary! Mark your calendars: the target set up dates for next year’s event spans November 11-13.

Trailblazer Dining Hall Mantle

Trailblazer Dining Hall Mantle
The Ribbon Tree is about 14 feet tall!