Fending off the winter blahs

I grow African Violets under lights year-round on two four foot wide stands each with 3 shelves. The room they normally ‘live’ in gets too cold during the winter so I moved them into the family room for the season. Even so, my hygrometer (measures temperature and humidity) still shows that the room can dip to 64 degrees at night at times. That’s really a bit colder than they like but they are still hanging in there.  And I love to see their cute faces. Enjoy!

Jolly Wow Mac's Misty Meadows S. ionantha grotei silvert The Heat is On Stormy Echoes


5 thoughts on “Fending off the winter blahs

  1. Your violets are beautiful. I manage to kill one African violet per year; the reason the number is not greater is that I only buy one each year. They bloom once, and then they respond my inadvertent mistreatment. So I appreciate being able to see the results of good violet management.

  2. Ann, I found success after putting them on wicks for constant watering. Apparently, I’m not a dependable water source. hahah. Also, growing them under lights (controlled by a timer) is the other half of the equation. I’ve found lots of tips and support at the local African Violet Society club meeting. Everyone is welcome!

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