Vengeance is Mine!

This post will be short and sweet. Remember the aforementioned invasive Amur honeysuckle  (Lonciera maackii) fence row? Well, it is no more. After chopping on it with bare hands, lopper, and a sawsall for 7 weeks, a chain saw came in and felled the rest of the giants. Mind you, some of these shrubs/trees were so large I could climb them like a schoolgirl – and I did; all the while using a saw/sawsall 6 feet off the ground. The neighbors thought, rightly so, that I was crazy. We’re waiting on the debris to be removed and the stumps to be ground out. The largest stump is nearly 5 feet in circumference.

This is more or less what the fencerow looked like though my bushes were MUCH older and larger.

One of the 20 year old stumps. We have a handful of these.

Six foot tall piles of brush - about 20' of it.

And a cord of wood.....

As I said, vengeance is mine! Some of that honeysuckle lumber now edges my garden.


6 thoughts on “Vengeance is Mine!

  1. Hi Vicky,
    Another answer to your honeysuckle stump grinding strategy is this: cut the trunks close to the ground and coat the cambium layer with Round-Up concentrate using a disposable craft sponge paint brush. I had about 10-12
    very large honeysuckles removed from my lot and this was my alternative to stump grinding. It worked. (This also works for poison ivy).

    • John,
      Thanks for the great input! I feel bad for those that have large properties and have to deal with trying to eliminate large large populations. I only had about 100 feet of it. Of course, there will always be seedlings to deal with.

      • Hi again,
        I’m a hoe and Round-Up (I call it liquid hoe) fan when used judiciously. Honeysuckle seedlings respond favorably to both.

  2. There’s such a sense of accomplishment when you get a job like that done. I love that feeling. And I like the way the lumber looks edging the garden.

  3. Thanks, Nicole! It turned out better than I thought. I felt kind of selfish though as I had promised the lumber to a friend for firewood. Maybe he won’t notice what I’ve done….

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