Winter color

Espaliered Pyracantha

An accomplished gardener realizes that the rewards of growing continue long after the frost knocks out the annuals and perennials. If done properly, one can enjoy the natural beauty of plants all winter; indoors and out. In the drabness of winter a spot of red can really hit the spot, especially when it is right at your front door. Take a look at the wonderful welcome this espaliered firethorn (Pyracantha spp. x ‘Mohave’) offers.

Pyracantha 'Mohave'

Pyracanthas have dark, glossy usually evergreen foliage. Though they may grow to be large shrubs if unattended, you can see that fellow Viner Louise is a dedicated pruner and easily keeps her plant in line. Louise chose to plant the hybrid ‘Mohave’ because of its beautiful, brilliant orange-red berries.

Her Pyracantha has persistent foliage and bears its berries on second year growth from mid-August to midwinter. This variety is also highly resistant to scab and fireblight and tolerates dry soil conditions.

My luck with poinsettias

Here is a shot of my attempt to get some bloom action from poinsettias I’ve been growing since last December. Keeping in mind that poinsettias require a period of long nights and short days to set bloom, mine have been sequestered near an east window of a spare, not-so-warm room. It is a room that we don’t use so the only light the plants get is the natural light from the window. A hint of red is starting to be seen as is the set of the bloom. It’s a far cry from something seen in the store but I consider it a small success!


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